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The Homestead Cattle Association of herdbooks is open to cattle with grass-based genetics and that work well on small acreages: whether miniature, midsize, rare, heritage, dual purpose, developing breeds, new composites, etc. HCA certification and /or registration can increase a herd's validity & value by certifying health traits, quality and official animal ID using established (recognized worldwide) industry standards.

Closed Herdbooks: In some herdbooks we are exclusive. Preservation breeders of unique rare genetics need pedigrees safeguarded.

Open Herdbooks: In some herdbooks we are inclusive. HCA maintains an open herdbook primarily for smaller, more efficient cattle with grass based genetics.

Breeding Cattle Certification: Any fertile cow can be bred. Designated Breeding Cattle is a classification offered on HCA registration papers that certify animals' DNA testing. Different tests & panels apply to different breeds. Along with certification, comes public awareness announcements--articles about how to find clean, healthy breeding cattle. Many cows in most dairies harbor 1 or 2 infectious diseases. Many breeders sell cattle and semen that are, or have been, or are at risk, for carrying infectious diseases. With increased awareness; HCA can help members establish healthy disease free herds.

Herdbook Association: HCA is in association with well-established international herdbooks for many dairy, dual, beef & composite breeds. Our herdbook registries are recognized & accepted worldwide. HCA certified & registered cattle will offer increased value for your buyers, will be recognized in show rings, easily accepted by your state veterinarian for any transport, and will even be easier to certify (live animals & frozen genetics) for international export. We provide our members record keeping ID using APHIS/USDA national ID with NAAB breed codes, using BIF compliant records. Certs have photos for additional ID. We keep it simple, easy and inexpensive for our members. For minimal fees ($10 / head for the first year of membership, regardless of animal age), we add maximum value to your registered cattle herd. Whether you own one 5 acre homestead cow, or a miniature club calf show string or a new composite... Your registered cattle will be properly registered and identified--ready to go anywhere and do anything.

rare brindle riggit Galloway bull UK

HCA is just one herdbook, serving cattle for small farms. But we include a lot more internationally recognized cattle registries. We even register a heritage stockhorse, a rare hypoallergenic ranch horse of a documented bloodline that developed alongside the first Quarter Horses, kept by Native Americans since the 1700s. We have had inquiries about registering rare breeds of sheep.

Payments and applications are processed in a timely manner. We offer some of the most comprehensive and complete services available, while keeping our membership and registration fees among the lowest in the industry. Registering and identifying your animals is an investment that can greatly increase value by knowing and documenting their ancestry. Our international Livestock Records Associations are designed to add value, not increase costs.

We have built access over the years to sources that help identify animal pedigrees, breeds & traits. Registration certificates have fields for cross-referencing identification on animals by various means; tattoo, herd ear tag numbers, RFID, brands, microchips and other identification. provide you with a 4 generation pedigree for cattle of any breed or breed combination for owners that keep accurate records on the ancestry of their animals. We document the breed percentage. We have herdbooks for many different livestock breeds that we register, represent and promote. We keep herdbooks for and register Club Calf cattle, Heritage Native Shorthorns and the original type dual-purpose Normande. We register Milking Fleckvieh, Montbeliarde, Dutch Belted / Lakenvelder, Viking Red, Norwegian Red, and the North American Red, which is a composite of European Red Dairy breeds; Swedish Red & White, Red Dane, Norwegian Red, British Ayrshire, German Red Angler, and the red Australian breeds; the Aussie Red and the Illawarra, blended with North American Ayrshires and Red & White Holsteins. We keep an online pedigree database where members can look up pedigrees of animals by name, breed, registration number, stud code number, A2 status, or aAa number.

Many other registries are increasing prices and fees. Some discriminate against certain populations of fullblood cattle. In rare breeds, an off pattern, dilute or color does not necessarily indicate lack of purity, and genetic diversity should be preserved. Worse, some registries support or allow other breeds to be added into their their main herdbooks and dilute their pure bloodlines.

We do things differently. We don't overcharge you. We try to provide the services you need. We work with transparency. All registration certificates show all cattle and all breeds and complete pedigrees. If your current registry claims to not know the identity of an animal in their recorded pedigrees, if that is an animal registered with another registry, more often than not we can find out who he is and get him added in the database and on your registration certificates. We avoid politics to get the job done that your herd needs.

International Registrations: We can work with any organization in any country that needs a registry herdbook to keep ancestry of any breeds in their pedigrees. We strive to offer any DNA test useful to any breed(s) in your animals' pedigrees. We can help our members import or export cattle; or to produce internationally accepted frozen genetics. Bulls (sires with frozen semen offered to public) and donor cows (embryos) are entered into the international NAAB Cross Reference program. Our records & pedigrees are accepted by international countries, international animal ID records, show clubs, and other national & international registries.

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