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INTRODUCTION to the Homestead Cattle Association, LLC.

There are sometimes as many differences between individual cattle of the same breed than there are between cattle of different breeds. While uniformity is a major goal in many established herdbook registries, unusual animals that do not represent its breed's standard may carry important diversity of genetics, especially in rare heritage breeds. HCA will work to support and complement established registries (not to compete with them), to provide support for atypical cattle with genetics worth preserving. Unusual cattle that are not mainstream representatives of their breed, should still meet base breed conformation type, exhibit quality conformation, and be backed by proper documentation to be certified by an HCA breed herdbook.

HCA will also welcome herdbooks for composites & newly developing breeds or types of cattle.

HCA herdbook rules will be kept short, membership fees will be low, and registration requirements will be simple. All tests and traits per breed possible, will be offered whenever possible, with as few being required as possible. The market will determine which traits, tests, and measurements need certification, and which will not, for which breeds. HCA certification and registration is designed to add value & increase legitimacy in verifying desirable health traits, quality and breed standards. It is designed to add value, not increase costs.

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  • Target date to begin accepting applications for membership, cattle & herdbooks: November 30, 2019.

  • HCA will offer official currently registered cattle independent identification or certification of measurable or documented test results as permanent records for cattle registered in any herdbook.

  • Cattle with unconventional breed traits (smaller frame score, off color, mismarked, etc) will be registered with HCA to preserve their pedigrees & genetics for the future. Fullblood or purebred hardship cattle may need to DNA test for Parent Verification (PV) to verify pedigree, breed purity or percentage.

  • Members will enjoy discount-priced genotyping, and many more perks & advantages. HCA may require (or incentivize) certain DNA tests for recessive conditions in some breeds.

  • Payments and applications will be processed in a timely manner.

  • HCA Board of Advisors is gathering from professionals in the science community and the cattle industry. An important HCA goal is to provide support with and education about how consistency across breeds of cattle will add value. When scientifically backed and internationally recognized labeling, evaluation terms & measurments are used in the cattle industry, owners and breeders benefit financially. When Slang is used in place of international livestock breed code labeling; or when registry methods or terminology creates confusion, artificial prices may result, which can set the climate for scamming. Colloquial measurement practices are unknowingly passed along from one new breeder to the next new breeder, with a lot of this starting in the 1980s. It is HCA's goal that such noncompliance be looked at closer. Perhaps some of these practices should no longer continue to advance defining sets of standards for homestead breeds. If homestead breeders stick to established sets of standards that are already in use nationally and internationally, then, (for just one example) when we breed export-worthy animals, we can proceed without undo, expensive industry compliance. Value added isn't just a call-word, it is something well within reach that we should all have benefit from.

  • Code of Ethics & Policy Oversite being set & maintained by Council of Chairmen. A Chair will represent each herdbook associated with the HCA. HCA chairmen, advisors and liaison committees shall provide strong, mutually beneficial relationships between members and outside cattle industry practices that affect their affect their bottom line; including other registries, testing labs, education, marketing, showing & promotion, the press and the general public.

  • Miniature-Cattle.com and HomesteadCattle.com are becoming recognized as reliable sources of reference information by numerous breeders and homestead owners, and general publications. To take this forward with the same momentum, HCA will form to provide you the HCA Code of Ethics, HCA Mission Statement & Goals, Value Added Certification, Group Initiatives, Preservation Herdbooks, Breed Genesis Herdbooks, HCA Board of Advisors, HCA Council of Chairmen, HCA Committees of Liaison, Membership, Services, Benefits, Consumer and Educational Articles.

rare brindle riggit Galloway bull UK

  • A few examples of Herdbook and Special Interest Groups to date:

    • Dual Purpose North American Homestead Normande: Proposed networking (chairman is planning to meet this month) with main Normande Herdbook in France

    • Purebred miniature and midsize Galloway (fullblood & high percentage)

    • Onward Riggit NA: (Cs) pattern Galloway Breeders Initiative: Researcher / Author is looking for people owning White Galloways classified B3 or C3. "If we combine our efforts, we can recover this pattern. Commercial is fine... a Galloway is a Galloway to me. We just need to find each other. (Then we can have cool parties like the crew in the U.K. / Scotland.)" Contact HCA for more info. :o)

    • Purebred miniature and midsize Shorthorn breeders (fullblood & high percentage)

    • Purebred miniature and midsize Scottish Highland (fullblood & high percentage)

    • Parents Club Calf Guild: Interest building in combining efforts & networking with other breeders of Frame Score 000 to 000000 miniature cattle with desirable club calf conformation. Smaller, quieter temperaments for younger show children. Smaller, nicer cattle to qualify for Open, FFA or 4H supported shows or classes are the goal.

    • Southern Lowland composite development (miniature Highland x white park x dual purpose crossbreed)

    • Several more composite breed genesis proposals

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